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Hall of Fame Member
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Nex Addo DisplayPic.jpeg
Nex Addo
General Information
Xbox Gamertag KSI Nex Addo
Name:Nex Addo
Location:Florida, USA
Other Info: None
Community Info
Divisions (Past)Double Helix, Semper Fi, Black OPS, KGB
Current Rank:Director of Information
Highest Rank:Director (Web Operations/Information)
Previous AffiliationsKSI, CGN, KoV
Other Notes:None
Current Status:ACTIVE

At this current time, Nex is holding the title of Web Teams Director. His current goals are to utilize both old and new techniques to obtain a better turnout of views for articles and preserve the history that KSI has established. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018

Clan Operations

Nex Add joined April 2009 in KGB. He has been the lead of most teams of Web Operations at one time or another. He eventually became the Director of Web Operations. Nex Addo has been apart of KGB, BlackOPS, Semper Fi, and Double Helix where he reached Co-Division Leader.

Web Operations

Nex Addo joined Web Ops in 2009 as a writer in News Team. Shortly thereafter he became the Editor-in-Chief and has held that role on different occasions and in different titles throughout his time in KSI. In Web Ops, he has lead the News Team, AAP Team, Podcast Team, and Social Media. He became the Media Director before eventually achieving Director of Web Operations and held this title for quite some time.

Notable Information

1. Created the first Twitch charity stream in May 2016 with KSI Anatomy 7

1. Created the first Podcast for KSI Global

Awards & Achievements

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