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Hall of Fame Member
This person is a member
of the KSI Hall of Fame.

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KSI Anatomy 7
General Information
Xbox Gamertag KSI Anatomy 7
Community Info
Divisions (Past)KB LS XS SF LB/KB LE TS HF TR
Highest Rank:Director (Web Operations)
Previous AffiliationsKSI, KSI (.org)
Current Status:INACTIVE

General Information

KSI Anatomy is a member of the Hall of Fame Class of 2017 and joined KSI in January of 2011 to Magnum LS. Was Co-Host of KSI Days with KSI Miss Lolo in 2014.

Clan Operations

Joined Magnum Last Strike in 2011 and was a squad member of multiple squads throughout 2011 in LS. He reached General of Nuclear LS in 2011 and become Co-Founder in 2012 to 2013. He was then blacklisted and appealed in 2013. He was reintroduced into KSI at 2013 as a General in Xcalibur where he became CoFounder in XG -> SF. Anatomy retired from Clan Operations in 2013. In 2014/2015 Anatomy came out and rejoined ClanOperations. Where he eventually became Founder in KB thereafter splitting and creating Legacy of the Blood Oath. He became Co-Division Leader afterward LB closed in 2015 where he became General of a squad in TR. Anatomy retired again from Clan Ops in 2015.

Web Operations

Became the Moderator of a forum in 2013, News Team Co-Head, Productions Department Head, AAP Department Head in 2013/2014, and eventually became staff of the Marketing Team. He created the rank of Tech Director. He was then moved up to Global Moderator in 2014 and Head of Human Resources. At that time he created the then modern KSI Web Operations Framework and overhauled all Web Operations departments. He took on the titles of Head of News Team, Head of AAP, Arti Director, and Senior Global Moderator. From 2015 - 2016 anatomy held the title of User Support Admin and eventually became Chief of Human Resources, CMS Admin, and Art Director. He became Director of Web Operations in 2017 and was a member of the Board of Operations in 2017.

Anatomy was removed from KSI in 2017 and has since returned in 2020

Awards & Achievement

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Award pinklis.png Award anihol.png

Notable Information

– Created / Co-Created Departments

– KSI History, Scavenger Hunt, Public Relations, Internal Operations, KSI Day 2014, Media Team, Podcasts, Twitch

– Awarded of the Year awards 4 times (News Staff 2013, Co-Division Leader 2014, Forums Staff 2014, Event 2015)

– Hall of Fame 2017