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About This Wiki

Welcome to the KSI Wiki, home to all historic information surrounding KSI Global Gaming Network. This wiki is maintained & updated by a group of members dedicated to preserving the past of the community.

The KSI Wiki project was started official in 2019 for the purpose of accurately reporting & recording the history of the community, its members, and more.

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Featured Corner

KSI Koda 7
KSI Koda 7 or "Koda",is a member of the KSI Wiki Team.

Koda was formerly a Senior Director, and Director of Web Operations. Koda has been involved with the KSI community since 2006, starting in Katana SA, a part of the Silent Assassins division.

Koda brings his experience to the Wiki Team as a Technical Advisor, with previous experience maintaining the KSI Wiki prior to retiring from the community in 2019. Working closely with the Wiki Team Lead & the team's member ensuring that the team has the tools & training it needs to perform its tasks.

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Did You Know?

  • KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength, Integrity?
  • KSI Ego Killers was a pro team division of the KSI. Known simply as "Ego Killers" or "TEK".
  • KSI Se7en 7 was a former owner of KSI & Hall of Fame member.