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KSI Cali 7
General Information
Xbox Gamertag KSI Cali 7
Playstation ID: KSI_Cali_7
Location:California, USA
Other Info: None
Community Info
Division (Current)None
Divisions (Past)Ancient Armada, After Death, 7th Cavalry, Reality Dynasty
Current Rank:None
Highest Rank:Senior Director/Senior Admin
Previous AffiliationsKSI,KN,XS,TSB
Other Notes:None
Current Status:Not Active in KSI

KSI Cali 7 (Also Known as KSI Dr Fate, KSI Fate 14) was a member of KSI starting in 2010


KSI Cali 7 Started in KSI at the beginning of 2010. Upon entry he joined KSI on Modern Warfare 2 and was given the rank of Private. He reached the rank of Lieutenant within 8 months of membership Ancient Armada and left to complete college. He returned in the Fall of 2013 where he ranked up to Senior Director over the course of the year, having split After Death and 7th Cavalry divisions in the process. At the beginning of 2015, he took a 7 month sabbatical returning in September 2015 as a General in the first squad of an Xbox One division Reality Dynasty. He ranked up to Senior Director again over the course of 2 years, in that time he split Reality Dynasty twice. As a Director, he helped rebuild Reality Dynasty an additional 2 times before becoming a Senior Director for the second time.

Throughout his career, he also was a member and leader of various website departments. His first web department was News Team in 2013 along with Marketing Team 2013, and served as a CMS admin 2014-2015. He was the Head of AAP from 2015-2016, was a Court Judge 2015-2018, was asked to serve as a temporary Art Director 2016, Served as a Moderator, Global Moderation, and Admin in Training 2015-2017

In April 2018, he left with the majority of leaders and clan ops to create Killjoy Network KN. Where he served as Chief of Staff and is still a current Xiled Syndicate Co-Owner. He is currently a member of the Hydra Alliance TSB as a Public Relations Director after his role to play in unifying most of the clan circle, after they had been at odds with each other for the better part of a decade.

Notable Information

- Resurrected 2 divisions Reality Dynasty 7th Cavalry - Split the first division on Xbox One in KSI History Reality Dynasty - Two Time Senior Director

Awards & Achievements

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