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KSI Migraine 7

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KSI Migraine 7
General Information
Xbox Gamertag KSI Migraine 7
Community Info
Division (Current)Fallen Angels
Divisions (Past)Dark Legions, Twisted Wraith, Wicked Intent, FireStorm
Current Rank:Lieutenant
Highest Rank:CoFounder
Current Status:ACTIVE

Clan Operations

History by Timeline Dark Legions – 2012 Asylum – Dark Legions – Corporal Asylum split creating Sythe Sythe – Dark Legions – 3rd Lieutenant Sythe shut down – Merged into Kronos Kronos 1st Captain Division Transfer from Dark Legions to Twisted Wraith Impulse – Twisted Wraith – 3rd Lieutenant Squad transfer from Impulse to Outlaw Outlaw – Twisted Wraith – Staff Sergeant Division Transfer from Twisted Wraith to Wicked Intent Vortex – Wicked Intent – 1st Captain Division Transfer from Wicked Intent to Firestorm Trinity – Firestorm – General Trinity shut down Left KSI – 2014 Fallen Angels – 2018 Rapture – Fallen Angels General Fallen Angels – Co Founder 2018/2019 Stepped down to Sergeant Purgatory – Fallen Angels – Staff Sergeant Purgatory shut down Rapture – Fallen Angels – Staff Sergeant Left KSI – 2019 Rejoined KSI – 2019 Azrael – Fallen Angels – Lieutenant – 2020 Transferred to Babylon Stepped down to Staff Sergeant Babylon - Fallen Angels - Staff Sergeant Babylon shut down Rapture - Fallen Angels - Lieutenant - 2020 Squad Transfer from Rapture to Valkyrie - 2020 Valkyrie - Fallen Angels - Lieutenant

Web Operations



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