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KSI Koda 7

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General Information
Xbox Gamertag KSI Koda 7
Playstation ID: KSI_Koda_7
Location:Florida, USA
Other Info: None
Community Info
Division (Current)Fallen Angels
Divisions (Past)Silent Assassins, Double Helix, Twisted Kaos, Wolf Den
Current Rank:Major
Highest Rank:Director (Web Operations)
Previous AffiliationsKSI, CKG, LHR, GGN, TXI, XsV, KSI (.org)
Other Notes:None
Current Status:MISSING


Koda started KSI around June of 2006 within KSI Katana SA as a Private. He joined as K0diak Ice, later to be known as KSI Hollywood177. After moving up the ranks to a Captain, he moved over to KSI Shinobi SA as a General (in Training). At the time, a partnership arose between KSI and Contract Killers Gaming (CKG). He assisted CKG as a General over a hybrid KSI-CKG squad. Due to a falling out between community leadership members, CKG was blacklisted and subsequently, Koda was blacklisted from KSI. After leaving CKG, he then appealed & joined back into KSI within the Twisted Kaos Division as a Sergeant. From there, he worked his way up to Founder, serving the members of TK. After an incident involving TK's new director, Koda was then removed from KSI once more. Koda joined a Start-up community of XsV with a couple of former KSI members, as well as other gamers as their Forum Administrator in 2008.


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