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|division=Fallen Angels
|division=Fallen Angels
|currentrank=Staff Sergeant and AAP Lead
|currentrank=Major and AAP Lead
|highestrank=Staff Sergeant and AAP Lead
|highestrank=Major and AAP Lead

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KSI Messere
General Information
Xbox Gamertag KSI Messere
Playstation ID: aquamarineSAMMI
Location:Northern Virginia
Community Info
Division (Current)Fallen Angels
Current Rank:Major and AAP Lead
Highest Rank:Major and AAP Lead
Current Status:ACTIVE

Clan Operations

Messere joined in May 2020 into Valkyrie squad. She has been working with her squad and leaders to help create a nurturing and exciting atmosphere, and is excited watching it grow.

Web Operations

Messere joined the Awards and Achievements Program in June 2020 and she was soon to take the Lead role. The AAP has been working on revamping its own role in the community and making it even more special to earn any kind of award or achievement.