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KSI Liusin
General Information
Xbox Gamertag KSI Liusin
Location:NoVa, USA
Community Info
Division (Current)Fallen Angels
Current Rank:CoFounder
Highest Rank:CoFounder
Previous AffiliationsKSI
Current Status:ACTIVE


I joined KSI because someone wanted to move up in rank, and I refused multiple times, yet ended up being recruited regardless. I stayed because of the family atmosphere and the people that I met in squad.

I was recruited by KSIMellowVib.

My favorite games are WoW, MW

I’ve been gaming since I can remember, the very first game i can remember playing is called Burger Time on Nintendo. I grew up on Spyro and LoZ, and then started the descent into madness on WoW in the third grade.

My favorite consoles ranked, are PC, Playstation 1, and Nintendo 64

I’ve been in KSI since March 3/27/2020

I’m a commercial exterminator, my favorite color is purple, and im an animal lover. I have 1 dog named lady, who I rescued 5 years ago. I have three cats, Django, Buddha, and Lorelei, and two rats, named Atticus, and Zeke. I’m also gay as fuck.

Clan Operations

She was recruited into squad Valkyrie, and steadily progressed up the ranks. She took over as Major when the leader at that time was incapable of performing duties. She created a very pleasant atmosphere and made it a safe space for all the recruits that had came in. From there she was promoted to General and then to CoFounder. Currently she is CoFounder over FA Paradise, FA Hades, FA Exiled, and FA Valkyrie.

Awards & Achievements

Award memotm.png Award moty.png