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This page, "KSI ELDERPOOT 7", is currently under construction. Content on this page may change rapidly as new information is added & updated.
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Hall of Fame Member
This person is a member
of the KSI Hall of Fame.

General Information
Xbox Gamertag KSI Elderpoot 7
Location:United States
Other Info: None
Community Info
Divisions (Past)Twisted Kaos, Last Strike, Semper Fi, Lost Empire, Immortal Empire
Previous AffiliationsXsV,GGN
Other Notes:None
Current Status:RETIRED

KSI Elderpoot 7 has been a member spanning over multiple years 2 separate times since 2005. First from 2005-2014, followed by a 4 year hiatus, with his most recent time in KSI joining in 2017. Following several years of rebuilding, restructuring, and rebranding and most notably serving as KSI's Operations Director and subsequently Executive Director, Elderpooter has finally retired as of April 2020 with 12 years of accumulated service to the community.


Notable Information

Awards & Achievements

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